My Dirt Shirt: the newest urban chic fashion trend for kids…because even CUTE gets DIRTY!

My Dirt Shirt came about when Ann and Melissa, stay-at-home moms of toddlers, Holden and Riley, were commiserating over the onset of Summer and Melissa's dislike of dirt on all those cute clothes! DING! A light bulb came on and My Dirt Shirt was born. After much trial and error, between toddler tantrums and many shades of brown on husbands old tees, we finally had the perfect color! Lucky for us, our toddlers won’t take the shirts off and we think you'll feel the same way!

My Dirt Shirt is made in the USA out of 100% high-quality pre-shrunk cotton with contrast stitching and distressed lettering. Each tee has been specially dyed and washed to avoid future shrinkage and bleeding. Sizes of My Dirt Shirt range from adorable infant lap shoulder tees through toddler sizes into child large. My Dirt Shirt can also be ordered in either a boy or girl style; which comes with a charming hot pink ribbon attached. Adding to the uniqueness of My Dirt Shirt, each shirt comes individually packaged and labeled in its own “to-go” box which makes it great for gifts and a definite stand-out!

My Dirt Shirt has been extremely well received. Within 48 hours of launching the line, we had sold over 60% of our initial stock on hand.
Hope to hear from you soon!
Melissa Simpson-May and Ann Stantus

P.S. My Dirt Shirt is expanding and will soon be offering Mommy and Baby Yoga wear as well as Hot Mama bags in addition to My Dirt Shirts!

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